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  • Application Status:

    Fire/EMS: OPEN
    Dispatch: OPEN
    Tow: CLOSED
    Lawyer Bar Exam: OPEN
    Public Relations: CLOSED
    Technical Support: OPEN


    If your answers to the questions in these apps are less than a paragraph for each question (unless they specify a name or something obviously short) expect it to be denied. We invest a lot of time into these different programs and we look for dedicated individuals who want to apply themselves here. Short applications are instant denial. These applications are designed to take at max 15-30 minutes. We invest more time into doing the backend work/training, we expect you to give the same respect of time in your application.

Open Applications

  • Bikini Tow Employment Application

    Apply for employment at Bikini Tow

  • Luxury Autos Employment Application

    Apply for employment at Luxury Autos

  • Script Developer Application

    Apply to be a script developer for us (experience and portfolio necessary).

  • Model Developer Application

    Apply to be a Model Developer for us (experience and portfolio necessary)

  • Lawyer Bar Exam

    A general bar exam for civilians who will be finding themselves wrapped into the legal world.


    There are no necessarily wrong answers!

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