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  2. Player opened a ticket on 1/17/20 stating that the windows on his Coquette would not roll up. Player tried having other people roll up the windows, putting the car in the garage, and selling the car to see if it would fix the issue. Other players could visibly see the windows rolled down. I also had the player clear their cache. None of these attempts resolved the issues. CitizenFX_log_2020-01-19T010231.log
  3. This feature already exists. Try using the F6 key as Heine has suggested.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Delfina Heine


    No idea if this is a bug or somethin, but those NPC spawn needs to be remove d. It's blocking the entire parking.
  6. preztty sure that's already a thing. If you press your F6 key you can select to get call from AI's
  7. I got downed and had to get air lifted and when I got airlifted and woke up in pillbox it dropped me and dealt damage to me and I had to book myself into pillbox bc even though it was 1hp it still real effects the speed you walk
  8. I like being a taxi but I am dependent on people online to order a taxi, and a lot of the times if their ride is short I don't take any money from them anyways, thus my income is very small. I would like the option to have AI 'call' you, then their location on the map gets pinged, and I just take them wherever they need to go, for some money. I think that'll improve Taxi drivers' incomes. Plus, some people (EU for example) dont play on hours when there are many people on, and they could go like 2 hours of in game playing with only 1 taxi call.
  9. Added Ability to sell drugs to NPC. There's a chance they will buy and a chance they will decline to buy. Walk up to them and press 'E' New injury system. Press F1 Type /health and it'll show your health and body image. If you get injured in a certain part of your body, it affects you. Leg Injury: You begin to walk with a limp and your speed is greatly reduced. Arm Injury: Your recoil is greatly increased when firing a weapon. Chest/Body Injury: Your health begins to decline and must get treated ASAP or you will die. Head Injury: Your vision becomes blurred and blurriness increases the more trauma your head receives. Fire/EMS can treat you for these injuries and so can the hospital. Police can only revive but it will not treat your injuries. Fire/EMS will be able to check the status of one's health to determine how to treat them. Injuries are saved until you get treated. So if you die and get revived, you will still have these injuries until you get treated. DNA Tracker: Police will now have the ability to collect evidence such as blood and bullet casings. They will be able to analyze the evidence and determine what weapon the bullet came from and who the blood belongs to. This will enhance further RP for police but mostly our detectives. Give them great stories, guys. Sandy Shores Police Department received a major renovation to adjust to the new construction next door. Sandy Shores Medical is now open! When EMS gets a call in the county, they no longer have to drive all the way to Pillbox Hospital. Sandy Shores Med is conveniently located next to Sandy Shores PD. **The check in at Sandy Med won't be added until the next day as it's late and we're both exhausted.** Paleto Bay Police Department also received a major renovation. City Hall is officially open! All doors are unlocked for the next 24 hours until we close it down for LEOs and EMS. Town Hall meetings can now take place in server. You can find City Hall by the flag on your map.
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  11. Delfina Heine

    night night

    © d heine

  12. Jamie


    You were banned back in September. Please submit a ban appeal instead.
  13. this idea needsss to be implemented, great idea
  14. Maybe a new feature to add to the police job menu so we could determine the amount of tint a person has on their vehicle. https://forum.cfx.re/t/check-window-tint/961931
  15. Anniejackson1


    hey it says i am ban from the discord, i just rejoined the city my discord name is aalaya jones#5212
  16. Great idea, not sure they can add that many garages though. The aliens stealing cars gets frustrating at times i know.
  17. To many time i have gone to work only to come back after a long day and find my car not in the parking lot could you think of maybe putting a parking garage near the jobs for us hard workers
  18. Would like to see a glove box storage for when you are sitting in your car to give other passengers items.
  19. i would also like to see this in game
  20. The cops don’t have a chance against bikes. This has been proven time and time again. Whether it’s going up a large hill or going down into the tunnels where the cops can’t follow, and I know cause I have done it. Add a requirement that a a car must be used for the jewelry store and bank robbery.
  21. The Bugatti is still having issues with the flickering of textures, was wondering if you could please take a look at it when you get a chance.
  22. Earlier
  23. Make it where property's can be a) shared with friends by giving keys, they can also access the storage. b) gang can give the higher ups key's to their "clubhouse" where they can also have it locked so they may have storage inside that wont get stolen...
  24. Make our ID an inventory item. So like this we actually give it to a police officer and he needs to give it back to us after he checked it. And if we lose it then we need to buy a new one at the town hall.
  25. I was doing the Oil refinery work and got out of the truck to start the oil refining but it wont let me get in it like the tuck self locked. how do i fix?
  26. the paleto fire station from kuffs and a yellow radio for the fd like they use irl eup thing (friend has the files if you want them dm me on discord and ill get them) Whattherel#6969
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