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  6. And here are some other stuff I messed around with 😜



  7. Here are all the official works that I've made before I created my twitter and forum page!!









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  10. Ziggz


  11. Shawn Hobbs

  12. Al Bino

    The North

  13. Hello everyone! So I’ve decided to start posting random information that may help you or give you insight.

     FACT #1:

     When detained by an officer in city, it is legal and common practice for that officer to search everyone involved whether they consent or not. To be detained can be a direct or indirect action.


    a direct detainment would be an officer telling you that you are being detained.

    an indirect detainment would be an officer arriving on scene of a group of people and activating his/her emergency lights (red and blue).

  14. Al Bino

    Hitting the score

  15. ever dream of making it in the entertainment industry?! "Bonjour! with Philippe" is looking to hire creative talent interns looking to make it big in the television and film industry. Call or text Philippe today to schedule an interview. 450-7995
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