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  2. That is probably because it's on the "Confirmed to-do" list on https://trello.com/b/vpS5FlGW/server-development
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  4. This ATM in Chumash next to the Hardware Store hasn't been working for a couple days
  5. I'm surprised this isn't already in the suggestions, but the rate at which you return plastic and metalscrap in comparison to illegal scrap is insane. Illegal scrap has no benefit other than a bit of cash, where as plastic and metalscrap is a huge item for us criminals which is needed to craft almost everything in the bunker. There should be a higher chance of pulling plastic/metalscrap and a lower chance of illegal scrap but offer more money as a reward for this scrap. It took me three days to get enough plastic and metalscrap to craft everything I needed to be able to do drug runs, but it only took me 15 minutes (one run) of mining to get all the metals I needed. On top of this, the return cash wise for drugs was pathetic. $7500 for cocaine job, $2500 for a pistol, $1000 on bags and $5000 on scales plus all the crafting for a USB, tools, hacking device etc. And I only made back less than $13000 in dirty money, and once washed this has resulted in me actually taking a loss on my first run. I also got arrested and lost everything I crafted. I cried. A lot. Also 15/50 is maximum for illegal scrap???
  6. Click here to listen to the town hall
  7. Steam Name: EmmettIsTRASH Date and time of incident: 7/2/2020 Describe what you were doing when the bug occurred (in detail): I had just recently sold a few cars after getting the notification that I have the max cars. Since then I have not been able to purchase any vehicles at all. What steps did you take to try and fix it?: I tried selling more cars, I went to a few different dealerships trying to buy different cars. CitizenFX_log_2020-06-27T170725.log
  8. Yesterday
  9. If it's possible, what if jobs increased the output after doing them a few times? My thinking is that IRL after working some time you get promotions, and hopefully depending on the job you choose, get to a point where you're financially stable. Also if you are doing a job, grinding it back to back, might I add to get more money for overtime.
  10. i was collecting oil when i try to drive off and my truck just wrecked from nothing it was fix before i went to the job site broken_truck.mp4
  11. Steam Name : Baljeet Date and time of incident : 7/2/2020 10:30 PM est ishh Describe what you were doing when the bug occurred (in detail) : Well to start I had spawned into the city with my 330 car parts on me and since I didn't want to get robbed with it I decided on putting it in my house, the second after I put it into my house storage it didn't show it was in there and it just disappeared from my inventory and the houses inventory. The house I had was the Apt 28 4 Integrity way can I get some help because I spent a couple hours trying to get these parts and it just poofed. Attach your Citizen.fx Log and/or ticket transcript : No citizen.fx log/or ticket transcript What steps did you take to try and fix it? The steps I took to try to fix it was first I re-logged and that didn't work so then I cleared my cache and that didn't work also, I went in and out of my house and none of that worked.
  12. Last week
  13. Gatsby/Ryder_smith On going for a bit now I was on duty as Chris as the dealer job and then got on Ryder and on duty as tow Attach your Citizen.fx Log and/or ticket transcript So when on Chris I almost feel like I always see the money symbol but when it comes to Any Tow its 50/50 of the time tow will see it..So for science I found a car for repo while on Chris so I then flew in as Ryder went to that car while on duty as tow and did not see the money symbol I then took it anyways and got one of my other tow ops to look and he could see it some days its some tow some days all tow can see it other days only one tow can see it Log 01T202733 should be Chris and then 01T203706 Should be Ryder CitizenFX_log_2020-07-01T202733.log CitizenFX_log_2020-07-01T203706.log
  14. so what im suggesting is making a jail update where we get someting to do in jail, not just afk for 50 min and then get out cuz thats boring and unimmersive. im suggesting like let us play ball or someting at least. cuz ur eigeter a cop/medic and that side or ur a criminal and if ur in the criminal part ur fucked cuz u have to afk in jail, let us at least be able to do something in jail
  15. Steam Name: Shooter_McGavin Date and time of incident: Reoccurring but I initially noticed on 6/29. Describe what you were doing when the bug occurred (in detail): I am not able to take my Furia out of my garage. I tried to replace it with a new car by going to the computer in the back but it just spawns multiple cars. I am able to drive the Furia around my garage. I have not been able to take my car out sense I customized my license plate. Attach your Citizen.fx Log and/or ticket transcript What steps did you take to try and fix it? I tried to switch it with a new car using the computer in the back. I have also relogged multiple times as it has occurred over multiple days.
  16. That that link doesn't work do this one https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JRoG_Le7fbBXvtmLSfwkjmWYLopafuZN6QtjjlgFQ5A/edit?usp=sharing
  17. Personally I think modded/retextured clothing should be added to the server. And currently most of the regular GTA clothing is extremely low res. I believe that there is already a bit of modded clothing but I think that we should have more more variety and I think this would be a great fit for the server. I don't think that this would really impact the server performance at all. I'm willing to help out with this as much as possible. (All the clothes in the Google Doc are PG-13) I am really into fashion and spent a while on this list https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JRoG_Le7fbBXvtmLSfwkjmWYLopafuZN6QtjjlgFQ5A/edit
  18. this corner of the main entrance to CLS has ZERO collision. Confirmed obviously without noclip on. It is that entire corner and a piece of the other corner. The ladder around the corner to the Emergency entrance is also missing the ladder but you can still climb that spot seen in the other photo attached
  19. Earlier
  20. I saw at 585 there is a yelow circle to enter the building saying (Enter Court House). Everytime that i try to use it i start falling through the map for a moment and respawn besides 370 everytimes. Not first time i tried to see what is inside, first time was last week so it's not just a temporary bug that can be fixed with reconnecting. Is it even supposed to be something or just an oversight that got left out ( the yellow Circle). Steam : Ipodjo
  21. Karen Miller


    Beautiful sunset on the job!
  22. The duty of the electrician is to go around to different power lines and wind turbines that need repairs. This job would in my opinion work like the neptune pools job where you get a random site location, go to it, work and go to the next. The pay would be better per location than the pool job. If there is a ladder on a power line or wind turbine then they'll have to climb to access the job circle to start fixing it, if not then the circle could be on the ground next to it. I know there is a blow torch emote, maybe that could be used while working kind of like how the pool boy holds the broom. The vehicle used could be the utility truck. Thanks for reading, I hope this can be approved. The city could use another job that has more of a roaming/driving feel to it.
  23. Mr. X

    XNEWS - Blog

    New posts! Lana giving a tarot card reading and A jewelry store robbery with a hostage!
  24. Mr. X

    XNEWS - Blog

    Couple of updates. Attempted Robery and Danny.... Just watch
  25. Steam Name: Ceba Beba Date and time of incident: Around 12:30 AM CEST (25th of June) Describe what you were doing when the bug occurred (in detail): So this issue has happened twice already to me now. It starts when I press 'E' to start hacking. The prompt pops-up, but alongside that it gives me the message that a robbery has happened recently. Even though this messages pops up on the screen, I am still to able to complete the hack and see the armor truck and finish the sequence. However, once I start taking out the money out of the armored truck, my character bugs out and I am stuck in one position. I am unable to type anything (as I was supposed to type handsup for roleplay purposes) and I keep hearing the beep as if I was still busy with hacking. A reconnect fixes this issue, but it is annoying to break RP just for this because the cop that was at the scene at that moment got pissed off about it. Attach your Citizen.fx Log and/or ticket transcript I have included two files, because I was allowed to relog after. What steps did you take to try and fix it? As of now I have done as the admin has suggested, which is to reinstall fiveM and cleared cache. I am unable to check if it happens again because there is a timer on those missions. CitizenFX_log_2020-06-24T215152.log CitizenFX_log_2020-06-24T223028.log
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