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  1. Version 3.6


    ====================== SHRED'S VISUAL MOD FOR FIVEM =========================== === INSTALLATION ============================================================== DOWNLOAD THE MOD ON THIS PAGE: HERE Remove any existing visual modifications from your FiveM, you can do this by deleting your citizen folder and caches.xml and allowing FiveM to repopulate the files when you launch it. Copy everything from MAIN INSTALLATION FILES to your [FiveM Application Data] Folder. Usually located in C:\Users\*YOURUSERNAME*\AppData\Local\FiveM\FiveM.app === RESHADE ==================================================================== Using ReShade is optional, but recommended for the best visual experience. Follow the instructions in the RESHADE FOLDER to install correctly *** DO NOT PUT ANY OF THE RESHADE FILES IN FIVEM APPLICATION DATA *** === IMPORTANT INFO ============================================================== ** Make sure there are NO other visual mods in your ADDONS folder, they WILL clash with this! ** KNOWN ISSUES: The Shotaro lights were excessively bright so I removed the light textures. If you want the shotaro lights back, just delete the dlc_mpbiker folder, and put your sunglasses on! I have fixed the bus, tram and taxi sign brightness by altering their textures. I had to keep the vehicle textures loose because anything in the .rpf file will override the game files, which was causing other vehicle models to not load. Some vehicles such as the Carbonizzare, Kuruma and Oracle XS have LED lights that are always turned on, this is due to them being tied to the same setting as Emergency Lights. TROUBLESHOOTING: If your game fails to load, just delete caches.xml from Application Data === UNINSTALLATION ============================================================== 1) Remove the Shred's Visuals .rpf file from your ADDONS folder 2) Delete the dlc_mpbiker folder from your citizen folder 3) Delete the vehicles folder in citizen>platform>levels>gta5 4) Delete the Reshade files in your GTA V folder === CHANGELOG ================================================================== v1.0 - Initial Release v1.1 - Corrected tail light and brake light numbers in visualsettings.dat v1.2 - Small tweaks to visualsettings.dat, changes to timecycles and hbaosettings.xml should hopefully alleviate shadow flickering, added branchbend_windsettings.xml v1.3 - Changed cloud textures and tweaked some timecycles v1.4 - Bus and Tram signs are no longer brighter than Satan's butthole... still need a fix for Shotaro! v1.5 - Added many new effects such as blood, tire tracks, explosions. Added some new textures v1.6 - Removed Beta timecycles, some tweaks to hbaosettings.xml v1.7 - Further updates to water, skydome and blood textures and many decals such as bulletholes v1.8 - Added Ultra HD Moon texture, new stars and various other skybox related shenanigans v1.9 - Shotaro Lights removed due to excessive brightness. v2.0 - Further tweaks to vehicle lights including headlights, indicators, reverse lights. Small adjustments to Emergency Lighting v2.1 - Added new atmospheric effects such as sand blowing in Sandy Shores, small changes to ambient occlusion and other technical jargon v2.2 - Tweaked some water settings, mainly to reduce the amount of foam when making contact with it. v2.3 - Removed Grass Dithering and other small tweaks v2.4 - Small changes to skybox and timecycles for more vibrancy and brighter nights v2.5 - Made Sun and Moon larger, fixed Moon cycle and made city lights look pretty v2.6 - Fixed weapon attachments not working, tweaking thunderstorm settings to make things prettier v2.7 - More small adjustments to ambient lighting and weather v3.0 - Reduced brightness of various vehicle lights. Added Reshade preset v3.1 - Texture improvements, increased Emergency Light brightness, tweaked clear timecycle, improved lightning effects during thunderstorms v3.4 - Custom Clouds added, tweaks to some textures and ambient lighting v3.5b - Removed most vehicle coronas, further tweaks to clouds to make them appear more natural v3.6 - Small texture changes
  2. Version 1.0


    This is a client modification that will change how police sirens and weapons sound in game. MAKE A BACKUP OF ALL FILES YOU ARE GOING TO REPLACE JUST IN CASE! How to install: 1. Open OPENIV 2. Navigate to: `x64 > audio > sfx 3. Drag and drop the sirens and/or weapon audio into the folder Touchmaster Delta: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5k04KXvPJE&feature=youtu.be Wheelen CenCom Gold: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsMQjD4nkwY&feature=youtu.be Fed Sig Smart Siren: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lBGV-Qu-8bk&feature=youtu.be
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