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  1. This ATM in Chumash next to the Hardware Store hasn't been working for a couple days
  2. I'm surprised this isn't already in the suggestions, but the rate at which you return plastic and metalscrap in comparison to illegal scrap is insane. Illegal scrap has no benefit other than a bit of cash, where as plastic and metalscrap is a huge item for us criminals which is needed to craft almost everything in the bunker. There should be a higher chance of pulling plastic/metalscrap and a lower chance of illegal scrap but offer more money as a reward for this scrap. It took me three days to get enough plastic and metalscrap to craft everything I needed to be able to do drug runs, but it only took me 15 minutes (one run) of mining to get all the metals I needed. On top of this, the return cash wise for drugs was pathetic. $7500 for cocaine job, $2500 for a pistol, $1000 on bags and $5000 on scales plus all the crafting for a USB, tools, hacking device etc. And I only made back less than $13000 in dirty money, and once washed this has resulted in me actually taking a loss on my first run. I also got arrested and lost everything I crafted. I cried. A lot. Also 15/50 is maximum for illegal scrap???