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  3. Steam Name Rossclair Date and time of incident 2020-05-03 Describe what you were doing when the bug occurred (in detail) Multiple officers have had problems of going into the checkout vehicles section in PD then when they use a down arrow or up arrow to switch cars, the menu disappears and they get stuck there. Also if they get TPed out, sometimes that works but sometimes you get stuck in the vehicle and have to relog. This prevents new officers from getting any new vehicles out of the garage. Only way to get out is if you get TPed out by the government Attach your Citizen.fx Log and/or ticket transcript CitizenFX_log_2020-05-03T174532.log What steps did you take to try and fix it? Relogged and tried again, tried with multiple officers
  4. Steam Name Rossbilly Date and time of incident Ever since the new garages Describe what you were doing when the bug occurred (in detail) Whenever I take out my Zombie Chomper it breaks, even after I take it out and repair it through swanson or take it to a repair shop then put it back into the garage, it breaks when I take it out. Ive tried all garages and none of them work. Has happened to many people, it somehow doesnt happen for my Daemon though which is weird. Attach your Citizen.fx Log and/or ticket transcript CitizenFX.ini mjqcCPU2RC.mp4 What steps did you take to try and fix it? I Tried taking it out multiple times, also have a video with my f8 open. Also my last bug report you said it could not be replicated so I kinda took a video for ya lol.
  5. transcript-closed-4629 (1).html He wanted this ticket transcript added and it has a picture also
  6. This is the link to the ticket transcript which has alot more info involving the situation .transcript-closed-4446 (1).html
  7. Whenever I take out either of my motorcycles, zombie chopper and daemon, they would start smoking right when I take it out, this has happened to multiple people with motorcycles.