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  1. Steam Name: SoySaucin Date and time of incident: 3/9/2020 Describe what you were doing when the bug occurred (in detail): Trying to do bill customers who are asking for their car to be repaired by swanson. Also trying to access and remove items from my trunk and trying to take repair kits out of our menu. What steps did you take to try and fix it? F8 Quit several times, restart PC, Restart internet. CitizenFX_log_2020-03-09T004313.log
  2. Steam name: SoySaucin Date & Time: 3/4/2020 3:12pm Describe what you were doing when the bug occurred: I Was loading into the city at what i thought would be my apartment and ended up falling through the map then down the road from my apartment. Steps i took: prior to this happening i drove back to my apartment, went into it, waited 2mins then left the city for the night. CitizenFX_log_2020-03-04T150927.log
  3. After the addition of 3D voice, when making or receiving a mobile phone call you can no longer hear the person nor can they hear you. Hanging up the call, cycling voices and even restarting voices still doesn't help.
  4. When entering the city i no longer spawn in my apartment after a 15m period. I load into the last location where i was at previously.