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    Server Rules
    Latest update 4/19/20

    No FailRP
    This is anything that won't happen in the real world. This also includes breaking character.

    Do NOT break character

    Breaking character to report someone breaking a rule in game or just in general is not allowed. We do allow things that need to be said OOC allowed but please try to mask it. For instance: if you crash people say you had to take a nap. These are just small things that will help to not break the immersion of others. Running up to someone and screaming that you got RDM'ed is NOT ACCEPTABLE in any way.

    Follow NLR
    Basically if your character dies they are dead. Make a new character. This server does not allow people to come back from the dead. If you are on scene with an EMS or LEO personnel and you call your character dead your character will be wiped! Treat your characters like they are you. 

    NLR Operates the following way:
    - If you are downed (dead) and you are NOT revived by EMS or LEO then you MUST forget anything that lead up to your character dying.
    - If you are brought back alive by EMS or LEO and can reasonably say that you should remember the events that lead up to you being downed then you can proceed as if you remember everything.

    FFL RP
    This is when you would fear for your life. If someone is to pull a gun on you and point it at your head you would be scared for your life. No one out here is Arnold Schwarzenegger, you're a normal person/criminal. If you do not fear something you better be ready to die.

    Do NOT Cop Bait
    This is when you are basically harassing the police to pull you over or arrest you. LEOs are trained to not interact with those who are cop baiting and to report the person(s) to staff. RP your life and you will have interactions with the cops. This includes purposefully driving by LEOs crazy. Doing dumb things in front of a police station is also considered cop baiting.

    Do not give out illegal locations without RP
    Do NOT give out the illegal site locations with minimal or no RP. This both kills RP for police and civilians. This includes but is not limited to: posting it on Twitter, Ads, or selling the location to anyone. Along with a ban you will also be blacklisted from visiting or seeing these locations for an undetermined amount of time.

    Do not leech
    Leeching is inserting yourself into a situation where you have no story with. Examples include: going up to a random traffic stop and inserting yourself into the situation, running up on a robbery and attempting to join/kill the robbers, ect.

    Do not force RP
    This is when you engage in RP and the person you are engaging in does not condone to it. Stuff like carjacking, and robberies do NOT require consent. If you are going to murder someone you MUST have a motive to do so.

    Do not target job/illegal sites
    People are just trying to make some money. Do not engage in any CRIMINAL RP  at these sites. This means you can not camp outside of an illegal site. LEOs may get authorization to scope out an illegal site after approval from admins if the information given on the site has been obtained legitimately. 

    Do not RP in a gang/mafia/cartel etc.
    Every gang/mafia/cartel has to be approved so we know the RP is going to be done right. This subsequently means you may not RP as a gang/mafia/cartel member without joining an official gang or submitting an application for one. This can be done under business permit application on the website. This includes going around in a large group (4 or more people) and doing illegal things together constantly. If you plan a single criminal event together that is fine but we do not want large groups of people going around and terrorizing the city.

    Proper RP with Police/EMS:
    EMS & LEO use /me and /do to treat their patients and to RP. Failure to respond to them is FailRP. They will try 3 times to contact you via /me or /do before they will report you. If you do it a second time we will force delete that character.

    Do not abuse any part of the game mechanics around policing. If they take you out of cuffs to do something with game limitations don't start punching them or run away. That is blatant FailRP, most people would listen to the police especially when arrested.

    Racism / Derogatory Terms

    At no time are you allowed to use racist terms or derogatory terms or phrases. Doing so will result in a permanent ban. 

    3rd Party Programs / Enhancements

    At no time are you allowed to use 3rd party programs to gain advantages in server. IE: crosshairs on screen via a 3rd party application / program. 

    Exploiting/Hacking/Abuse of Bug
    If you are abusing a bug to gain money/drugs/duplicate items you will be removed  from this community. This is one the worst offenses against us as it ruins the economy of the server. Also, deleting your character from the CAD/MDT to clear your record or remove a warrant is abuse of the CAD/MDT.

    Store/Bank Robbery Max Crew
    Max crew allowed to rob each store:
    Store: 2
    Fleeca Bank: 3
    Pacific Standard/Blaine County Savings: 4

    Chain of Command
    Please follow the chain of command to reduce the load on all admins and head admins. Failure to do so results in punishment.

    Moderator -> Staff -> Admin -> Head Admin

    If the issue is about one of the chains of command please go to the next one.

    Flight Rules
    These simple rules must be followed when flying an aircraft. Please do not mistake the flight laws vs the rules:
    - Do not abuse aircraft:
             - Do not use them in a GTA style (landing in dumb places on purpose with no RP intent)
             - They are not giant bullets/bombs
    - All aircraft are to be flown with realism in mind. The flight laws point out how this is done.
    - Do not use aircraft to get away from cops. (ie: landing a heli for the suspect to get away)
    - Do not fire weapons from an aircraft
    - Do not shoot aircraft down
    - RP an aircraft accident appropriately
    - Do not land planes on roads except for in an emergency that is properly RP’ed

    (These rules are harsh to begin with as we allow in aircraft. We will adjust them over time to allow more freedom. This is simply means to ease the community into the air.)

    Banned Scenarios:
    - Suicide RP
    - Roleplaying sexual assault (such as non-consensual touching, rape, etc.) 
    - Terrorist attacks
    - School shootings
    - Emergency services impersonation (VIP allowed)
    - Sniper attacks 
    - Bomb threats/biological warfare

    Some of these are very traumatizing events and some people may have gone through them. Doing one of these scenarios is an instant perma-ban

    Basic Rules
    - No nudity (PG-13)
    - Respect the wishes of others
    - Do not RP as a foreign diplomat/political figures
    - Do not steal emergency vehicles (VIP allowed)
    - Do not impersonate emergency services (VIP allowed)
    - Do not wear any Law Enforcement / Corrections or EMS clothing items (VIP allowed)
    - Do not use approved business clothing/items unless hired
    - No streamsniping/meta-gaming
    - No combat logging
    - Do not break the Chain of Command 

    If you are determined by a Director or Developer to be; bringing toxicity into the community, tiptoeing around wording of the rules or otherwise, you will be permanently banned. These decisions are final and will not be challenged.

    Community Staff Structure

    Your direct line of contact to staff. They are here to answer most questions. Moderators main job is to provide support to the community in tickets. Skipping over them to talk to a staff member is not to be tolerated unless you are reporting a moderator.

    Staff oversee all moderators and are the first line of people with the ability to ban/kick people. They can handle almost any disciplinary action

    Admins oversee all staff. They are also the people who look at ban appeals and all applications on the website. They report daily to the Head Admins. They are also allowed to perform almost every needed action in and out of the server.

    Head Admin
    The last line of discipline and the highest in the staff chain of command. They oversee all other and may hand down discipline. If discipline was handed down by Head Admin directly it may still be challenged on the forums under ban appeal. Head Admins make the major community decisions and oversee the overall community.



    All repeat offenses in a reasonably short amount of time will be dealt with a worse degree of discipline which maxes out at a permanent ban from the community. 

    These rules may change at anytime, it is your job to check for edits!