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    Server Rules
    Latest update 4/12/2021

    No fail RP

    This is anything that won't happen in the real world.

    Paradox Gaming is a GTA RP server, and we do allow unrealistic jumps though.

    Example: not abiding by locked doors, jumping out of the back of a cop car, driving your motorcycle in a hospital, ect

    Poor RP

    Staff+ has full discretion to issue warnings and bans for Poor RP.  Poor RP issues include, but are not limited to:
    - Not RPing out your injuries
    - Failing to provide in depth interactions
    - Valuing gun-play over roleplay 
    - Chain Robbing
    - Camping Locations
    - Hanging out at hospitals
    - No attempt to make situations fun for everyone involved
    - Sending your car into the water to easily get away with minimal RP

    RP is intended to be fun for both sides and if you are making not making an attempt to do so, it will be considered Poor RP.

    Do not break character

    Breaking character is NOT tolerated.  You should be completely sticking to your character and avoiding using OOC terms in any capacity.  If you need to say something out of character, you go through Discord and use the means provided to you whether it be @Paradox Mail or the #help-and-support channel.  If rule breaks occur, RP it out.  If you have been VDM'd, RP out that you have just been run over by a car and message @Paradox Mail. 

    Rulesplaining is strictly against our rules and is a form of breaking character, you should never be breaking and ruining immersion to try and explain rules in character.

    This includes, but is not limited to the following terms:
    The gods, RDM, VDM, Staff, Deportation, Respawn, Server, etc.

    Follow new life rule
    If you are on scene with an EMS or LEO personnel and you call your character dead your character will be wiped! Treat your characters like they are you. If you are not going to perma-death your character do not play dead. You must engage in the medical RP.

    NLR Operates the following way:
    - There is a 10 minute timer for NLR.
    - If you go above 10 minutes after being knocked unconscious and not either checked into a hospital or brought back up by EMS or Police then you do not remember your death.
    - If you get helped back up without exceeding the 10 minute timer you can remember everything.
    - Not remembering means you can not remember the events that caused your death. Remembering anything in that timeline would be breaking NLR.

    Fear for life RP
    When in a situation that would reasonably call for someone to fear for their life. If you are in a position where you can get out the situation quickly (IE: in a car), you may escape. If you are not in a position to make a quick escape you should comply reasonably with the aggressor. The person with the lower advantage should concede and comply, the situation is ever evolving.

    Example when to fear: You are on foot and someone has a pistol to your head, even if armed you should not draw a weapon and comply.
    Example when not to fear: Someone points a gun at your car, you can just drive away fast.

    Do not force RP

    This is when you engage in RP and the person you are engaging in does not condone to it. Stuff like carjacking and robberies do NOT require consent. If you are going to murder someone you MUST have a motive to do so. Do not do things to other people's characters without their consent, such as major changes to a person's story. Be aware of other people's storylines, if you have a question ask the person OOC through Discord. This includes making changes to a person's assets, such as: cars, bank accounts, ect.

    Do not grief others. Griefing is the act of intentionally angering or irritating another player with malicious intent. 

    Examples: Capturing a person, and making them empty their bank account. Cutting limbs off a character without prior approval. Powergaming with out of city knowledge. Consistently stalking a player to force RP.

    Do not deny RP

    Do not deny an experience from other people because you do not want to partake in it. Every aspect of RP is expected in server. If you are downed you must comply with medical RP. If you are arrested you must partake in the booking process. Do NOT dump bodies of people, if you kill someone move them to the side of the road at most. Dumping bodies is denying RP of EMS, Police, and the person killed.

    Examples: You get downed by an AI and EMS arrives and you just tell them to pick you up. You kill someone and dump their body in the ocean.  You're mic spamming to stop an interaction from occuring.

    Do not powergame

    This is when you prioritize your own progress and goals by creating and focusing on outcomes that only serve yourself in a way that excludes or limits others ability to properly roleplay. This also includes use of in-game mechanics to alter a scenario in a way that purposefully limits the possible outcomes of a scenario.

    - Limiting a characters ability to see/talk/move/etc. in a way that effectively removes them from a scenario
    - Altering a scenario to remove or limit another characters story involvement
    - Permanently altering another character or their assets without their consideration including changing vehicle plates/tuning
    - Using the phone to call a person to try and confirm their identity

    Do not cop bait

    This is when you are basically harassing the police to pull you over or arrest you. Police are trained to not interact with those who are cop baiting and to report the person(s) to staff. RP your life and you will have interactions with the cops.  You should not be trying to get police attention without reasonable RP behind it.

    Examples: Doing donuts in front of a police station, doing a burnout in front of a cop, doing a burnout at a buddy's traffic stop. Shooting around PD.  Verbally interfering purely for attention.

    Do not leech
    Leeching is inserting yourself into a situation where you have no story with. Do not put yourself into an interaction unless your story covers it. If you have proper reasoning to be in a situation then you can.

    Examples: going up to a random traffic stop and inserting yourself into the situation, running up on a robbery and attempting to join/kill the robbers, ect.

    Do not target job/illegal sites

    The following are places where criminal activity is not allowed:
    - Hospital
    - Police station
    - Tow yards
    - Casino
    - Mechanics on scene
    - City Hall
    - Using job calls to attract a victim
    - Any legal/illegal job site
    - Events listed in the events channel in Discord
    - Legion Square
    Player owned businesses are exempt, and criminal activity is allowed. In addition, you may not camp around the area of a jobsite to play around this rule.

    Examples: Robbing people at the oil sites, camping an event to rob people as they leave, calling a mechanic to rob them.

    Gang RP

    The following lists the difference between official vs unofficial gangs in the community. Official gangs are approved by submissions on the website under Gang Applications. The member limits are HARD caps.  The members may not be hot-swapped just because one member is not around that day.  You may not team up with other gangs.

    Official Gang:
    - Up to 8 total members
    - Official gang HQ
    - Gang storage
    - Official territory/colors
    - Illegal business opportunities

    Unofficial Gang:
    - Up to 4 total members
    - No official claimed territory/colors (i.e. You may not press someone on the colors of their clothing or cars.)
    - No official direct business opportunities
    - You can never have more than 4. Ever. Offline, Online, Involved, Not Involved. You can only have 4 members within your crew. You cannot swap people out when people are not around or are around. You get 4 slots and that's all.

    Robbery Limits

    All robberies can be done by 4 players max not including real hostages.  Fake hostages will count towards the 4 person limit, and are not encouraged.

    The only exception is the Pacific Standard Bank which allows for 8 players while in an OFFICIAL gang not including real hostages.  If you are not in an official gang, you may still hit the Pacific Standard Bank, but only within the 4 person limit.

    Racism/derogatory terms
    While we realize there are many cultures that will appear on our community we keep a strict no derogatory or racist slang/terms. If it is in your vocabulary please refrain from using it, you will not be perm banned for slipping but constant offenses will result in disciplinary actions. Inflection and intent is taken into account with this rule as we realize it is a complicated issue.

    Blocked Terms:
    - Racial terms
    - Sexual orientation terms
    - Mental health terms

    3rd party programs/enhancements
    At no time are you allowed to use 3rd party programs to gain advantages in server.

    Example: changing your vehicle models to models not in city (single player mods). 

    Using hacks/exploiting bugs
    Using external programs to change what is possible in server by intent. Abusing bugs to gain any sort of advantage in server.

    Examples: Using a hacking menu, using a duplication bug to duplicate items, abusing the fact something is giving you money and not reporting it

    Do not meta-game
    Using external knowledge not obtained through RP in server, to say or do something in server. This includes using external communication methods (IE: discord voice).

    Examples: Someone in general-chat told a part of their story and now you know in server, someone posting pictures in media-share and now people are at the location, you and a friend are in discord and you die and you tell your friend to come pick you up.

    Do not RDM/VDM

    At no point should you RDM (Random Deathmatch) another player without prior interaction or roleplay involved. Killing someone random who you just met is considered RDM amongst others examples.

    If you are going to murder someone you MUST have a motive to do so.  A small amount of trash talk doesn't mean you have any reason to gun someone down.  Your issues need to show a proper progression before you are gunning them down, if this is not visible it will be considered RDM.

    Example: You see someone that you've never met before walking down the street and you shoot them and down (kill) them.

    Vehicle Death Match (VDM) is the intent to kill or knock another civilian unconscious with a vehicle. At no point in time should a vehicle be used as a means of lethal force. The one and only exception to this is if you are using the vehicle as a means of escape and the threat is blocking your means to escape directly.

    Example: You leave the scene of you and a friend getting robbed in a vehicle. You then return to the scene and ram the robbers at high speed. This gives them no chance to react to the situation.

    Misuse of Adverts
    - The use of /ad is to promote events / gatherings in the city, as well as a way for business to advertise when they are open
    - It is also a way for Public Safety to give alerts to those in the city
    - It should never be used as a way of communication or boasting, that is what we have Twitter for
    - Advertising your illegal activities (bunker number etc.) is not what an ad is for
    -  Here are a few examples of how ads should not be used:
            - /ad social cops suck
            - /ad social where is everyone at? 
            - /ad social text <insert number> for lesters number!

    Flight rules
    These simple rules must be followed when flying an aircraft. Please do not mistake the flight laws vs the rules:
    - Do not abuse aircraft:
             - Do not use them in a GTA style (landing in dumb places on purpose with no RP intent)
             - They are not giant bullets/bombs
    - All aircraft are to be flown with realism in mind. The flight laws point out how this is done.
    - Do not use aircraft to get away from cops. (ie: landing a heli for the suspect to get away)
    - Do not fire weapons from an aircraft
    - Do not shoot aircraft down
    - RP an aircraft accident appropriately
    - Do not land planes on roads except for in an emergency that is properly RP’ed

    Banned scenarios:

    - Suicide RP
    - Roleplaying sexual assault (such as non-consensual touching, rape, etc.)
    - Terrorist attacks (Unlocked with VIP2+)
    - School shootings
    - Emergency services impersonation
    - Sniper attacks (Unlocked with VIP1+)
    - Bomb threats/biological warfare (Unlocked with VIP2+)

    Some of these are very traumatizing events and some people may have gone through them. Doing or leading to/threatening one of these scenarios will result in an instant perma-ban.

    Basic rules

    - Respect the wishes of others
    - Do not RP as a foreign diplomat/political figures
    - Do not steal emergency vehicles (Unlocked with VIP2+)
    - Do not impersonate emergency services (Unlocked with VIP2+)
    - Do not wear any Law Enforcement / Corrections or EMS clothing items (Unlocked with VIP2+)
    - Do not use approved business clothing/items unless hired
    - Do not stream-snipe
    - No combat logging
    - Do not break community rules on community members' discords/streams/ect.
    - No advertising websites in your steam name
    - No special characters are allowed in your steam name

    VIP Rules & Benefits
    The Paradox VIP system is a system that rewards dedicated players who bring amazing RP to the server. 

    VIP Rules:
    - Any VIP level can do their level of scenarios along  with any member of the community but claims responsibility for the scene by doing so
    - Do not steal public safety vehicles without duly planned RP involving the car besides "driving it around"
    - Do not steal public safety vehicles while they are on scene of an unrelated crime
    - Do not impersonate public safety to a perfect level to prevent confusing new players

    Veteran Member Benefits (500 hours in game):
    - Priority queue (lowest level)
    - Access to Veteran chat
    - Custom car shop (coming soon)

    VIP I Benefits:
    - Higher priority queue
    - Access to VIP chat
    - No scenarios unlocked

    VIP II Benefits:
    - Higher priority queue
    - Access to VIP chat
    - Allowed: public safety impersonation
    - Allowed: sniper attacks 
    - Allowed: shooting from aircraft
    - Allowed: escaping via aircraft
    - Custom car shop

    VIP III Benefits:
    - Higher priority queue
    - Access to VIP chat
    - Allowed: domestic terrorism
    - Allowed: attacking PD
    - Allowed: bomb threats/biological warfare
    - Explosives (3.0)
    - Custom cars

    Obtaining VIP:
    To obtain Veteran Member you must acquire 500+ hours in game and then you will automatically receive the role. To obtain VIP II or VIP III you must be nominated to be voted on by the existing VIPs. The VIP IIs and VIP IIIs then vote on everyone once 5 nominations are put forward. To become a VIP III you must be VIP II, you do not need to be a Veteran Player to become VIP. VIP I is gained through the VIP application on the website.

    These rules may change at anytime, it is your job to check for edits!

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